Adults only: Disney Cruise Line’s Rasual offers grown-up fun

You’re on a Disney Cruise with your partner. But it’s “Disney,” so you’re not going to have much of a chance for that special adult alone time, right? Wrong!

If you want a fun grown-up experience, book the Exotic Rasual at the Vista Spa and you’re guaranteed to have a special time that can run anywhere from G to a hardcore R rating, depending on your personal preference. You may even come home with a special souvenir. See this Disney Cruise Line commercial classic for confirmation (wink, wink):


The Exotic Rasual is a fancy name for “mud chamber,” as it consists of a couples experience in your own private shower and steam room. You and your partner change into swimwear and are led into the Rasual chamber. There will be a variety of muds and other spa products for your use during your “private time.” The attendant leaves you to your own devices, and what you do with the mud and how you use your private area is entirely up to you.

The shower area has a tile bench, with a shower stall off to the side. The steamy room has three seats, although this experience is traditionally booked by couples, each with a water hose so you can cool down while basking in the steamy heat.

If you’re going to indulge in some hard core play time, I advise asking for extra towels. The tile floor and benches are very hard, and you may have guessed from the photo at upper right, and you’ll appreciate some cushioning.

You will have around 45 minutes of private time in the Rasual chamber. Don’t worry about anyone barging in on you…five minutes before your time is up, the attendant will give you a warning knock.

You can enjoy the Rasual whether this is an adults-only trip or whether you’re brought along a whole brood of kids. The great thing about Disney Cruise Line is that they offer free child care for potty-trained kidlets age three and up. Simply drop off the youngsters at the kids’ clubs, where they can do everything from whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies to create a flubber-like substance. Meanwhile, you’ll have the free time and privacy to create your own magic experience.

Interestingly enough, people seem to either love or hate this treatment. If you and your partner are not particularly adventurous, it’s probably best to skip it. If you’re the sort who could easily picture indulging in a mud fight, or perhaps some mutual body painting, then you’ll probably have a blast.

At under $100 per couple, the Exotic Rasual is one of the best bargains at the Vista Spa on the Disney ships. You may be able to book it online before your cruise once you make the final payment on your reservation. Otherwise, go to the spa on deck 9 forward and ask about availability once you board the ship.

Click here to see more photos of the Rasual Chamber and to read a firsthand report (note: it used to be called the Surial many years ago).

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