Disney aims for zero carbon emissions

The Walt Disney Group has announced the ambitious goal of eventually reducing to zero carbon emissions at the company’s theme parks, cruise lines and office and store complexes.

Disney said in a statement that it would start by setting three-to-five year targets “to reduce emissions, waste, electricity and fuel use, and its impact on water and ecosystems.”

In the statement the Burbank, California-based company said it hoped to slash its carbon emissions in half by 2012. It also aims to cut electricity consumption 10 percent by 2013 compared to 2006.

According to the company’s 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report, published on the company website, Disney also aims to slash in half the level of waste being sent to landfills, from 170,000 in 2006 to 85,000 by 2013 and eventually zero.

“Meeting the goal will require minimising waste, increasing and improving aggressive recycling and other disposal mitigation programs, and sourcing high-recycled content and highly recyclable products,” Disney said.

As for direct emissions from fuels, “by 2012, Disney seeks to achieve 50 percent of its long-term goal through a combination of reductions, efficiencies and offsets,” the statement read.

The company hopes to eventually halt all direct greenhouse gas emissions, and “reduce indirect greenhouse gas emissions from electricity consumption.”


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