Disney Announces Changes For Pleasure Island

ORLANDO, Fla. — Disney will close all six nightclubs on Pleasure Island on September 27 to make way for new renovations. The Adventure's Club, 8 Trax, Mannequins Dance Palace, the BET Soundstage Club, Motion and the Comedy Warehouse will be gone for good.

Disney had not planned to tell the public until Saturday. Officials broke the news to some 300 employees that work for the nightclubs on Pleasure Island late Friday night. A Disney spokesperson told Eyewitness News that Disney is already working to move those employees into other positions throughout its theme parks.

Disney denied rumors that the changes are due to a drop in attendance. The company said it is only responding to guest feedback asking for more family-friendly experiences.

Over the next two years, Disney will replace its clubs with new stores and restaurants. It has already announced a restaurant featuring life-sized animated dinosaurs and a Hanes Store that would allow people to design their own t-shirts. Disney also said it wants to add a giant tethered balloon that would take guests 300 feet into the air for views of the Disney property.

People who have purchased annual passes to Pleasure Island can get a pro-rated refund at the park or over the phone.

The restaurants and shops on Pleasure Island are expected to stay open during the renovations.

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