Disney Expands Toontown Online

The Walt Disney Internet Group introduces Gardening, an expansion of Disney's Toontown Online, the massively multiplayer online game for kids and families. Gardening introduces new game play that allows players to grow and care for flowers and trees and to customise their own Toon estates. Gardening appeals to all players both young and old. Since the game's launch in 2004, tens of thousands of people have passed through the virtual gates of Toontown, exploring an amazing world full of hilarious adventures, challenging quests and classic Disney magic. In Toontown, everyone gets to create their very own cartoon character, and interact and unite with other players online in a quest to defeat the Cogs, evil humourless robots intent on turning Toontown into a boring corporate metropolis. Toons must use cartoon-style gags such as squirting flowers and falling anvils to make the Cogs laugh and banish them from Toontown.

All Toons have their own homes on a shared estate. It's a place for Toons to relax and unwind, playing fun games or looking after their virtual pet Doodle. Toons can also change their outfits and decorate their house with furnishings in many unique styles. The Gardening update allows Toons to grow and nurture various types of flowers and trees and even place statues in their Estate grounds. Toons can use new tools such as shovels and watering cans, as well as time, to allow the Toon garden to grow. Green-fingered Toons who truly care for their gardens can even earn jellybeans, trophies and Laff Point boosts. Gardening is the most recent expansion for Disney's Toontown Online following the introduction of the popular Lawbot HQ in April 2006.


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