Disney moves Prince Caspian

You'd think after The Chronciles of Narnia became the 2nd highest grossing movie from last year (behind Revenge of the Sith), that Disney would feel pretty confident about the planned sequel, Prince Caspian. But instead, Disney has balked at their planned December 2007 opening to avoid competition with the similarly themed fantasy The Water Horse.

Now before laughing because Disney doesn't have any balls, it should be noted that both movies are being produced by Walden Media (although Columbia Pictures will distribute The Water Horse) so it's likely a decision that's more beneficial for Walden. The Water Horse will open December 8, 2007 while Prince Caspian will move to summer 2008.

Prince Caspian follows the Pevensey children from the first film as they find themselves on an island at a time when Narnia is ruled by the Wicked King Mirax. The Pevenseys ally themselves with the young Prince Caspian and the mighty lion Aslan in an effort to revive Narnia's past and overthrow the evil king. Adam Adamson will return to direct.

The Water Horse, based on the novel by Dick King Smith, follows a 12-year old boy who stumbles upon a mysterious egg in the desolate landscape of the Scottish Highlands during World War II. Jay Russell will direct.


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