Disney offering pet products, starts dreams promotion at parks

The Walt Disney Co. is considering expanding its pet product offerings and will offer giveaways like private meetings with characters at its theme parks as part of its "Where dreams come true" promotion, the company said Wednesday.

After a successful test run of Old Yeller brand dog food at Kroger supermarkets, Disney appears ready to go after a piece of the $70 billion pet products market. Andy Mooney, head of Burbank-based Disney's consumer products division, told reporters the company would likely be moving into new lines like collars and other pet accessories after the Old Yeller success. Talk of pet food accompanies Disney's efforts to sell fresh fruit tied in with its products in Europe.

Disney also says its latest ad campaign for its theme parks will center on dreams coming true and will include giveaways where visitors at the parks will randomly be selected for prizes, like private meetings with Disney characters or a night in the Mickey Mouse penthouse, at the company's two U.S. parks.

The current promotion to celebrate the 50th birthday of Disneyland in Anaheim has been credited with boosing attendance and operating profit (including a 36 percent jump to $589 million in the first half of this fiscal year) in Disney's (NYSE: DIS) theme parks division.


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