Disney Sues Canton Woman For Illegal Movie Downloads

Disney Enterprises Inc. is suing a Canton woman for downloading the horror movie "The Village" from the Internet.

Disney has filed a lawsuit against Fredrica Brent for damages starting at $30,000.

The 2004 blockbuster movie depicts the tale of a small Pennsylvania town's struggle with a group of unknown evil creatures.

In the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court on Tuesday, Disney claims Brent downloaded the frightening movie illegally using peer-to-peer software.

Legal documents show that Brent lives in downtown Canton. The person who answered the door when 16 WAPT News crews showed up said Brent was out of town and unavailable for comment.

Elizabeth Kaltman of the Motion Picture Association of America said the lawsuits are being filed all across the country and the group has plenty to say about illegal downloads.

"The purpose of these lawsuits is to: one, recover losses and two, to raise awareness that when people download a movie on the Internet, it's illegal," said Kaltman by telephone.

The MPAA wants to send a message that the industry is tired of throwing away the estimated $6.1 billion it loses each year to Internet piracy.

"Seems kind of outrageous," said Sandy DaRos, a frequent movie watcher.

News of the lawsuit has her thinking twice about downloading movies. "If they're going to go to court and charge $30,000, ya know, I mean we're the little people," said DaRos.

While some who commented think $30,000 is unfair, other film fanatics aren't so forgiving and said they believe downloading is stealing.

If convicted on criminal charges, Brent could get up to five years in prison.


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