Disney World cafe puts fare at diners’ fingertips

Walt Disney World has replaced a medium-high-priced, full-service steakhouse in its Contemporary Resort Hotel with a new counter-service restaurant called the Contempo Cafe, featuring touch-screen menus for placing orders.

The cafe, located in the hotel’s Grand Canyon Concourse, allows visitors to peruse the menu on electronic boards with color photos, then place orders at touch screens in English or Spanish before proceeding to a cashier. A pager blinks when the food is ready at the counter for a visitor to pick up.

The cafe, which replaced the Concourse Steakhouse, is open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu includes thin-crust pizzas; deli sandwiches including specialties such as honey-lime chicken; pastas such as a chicken basil; soups; and healthful options such as grilled mahi sandwiches, vegetarian entres, citrus-apple slaw and vegetable bake. The cafe offers a “grab-and-go” service, giving patrons a chance to pick up after-hours foods such as salads, fruit and drinks.

The cafe’s casual, 147-seat dining area features views of the Disney monorail passing through the hotel and of a nine-story mural by legendary Disney artist Mary Blair.


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