Disneyland’s ‘Jack Sparrow’ Actors Fired

Disneyland management has fired the four actors who played pirate Jack Sparrow because officials were worried about young female park-goers flashing the swashbuckling actors late at night, according to one former cast member.

“They lost control when they saw Jack Sparrow,” said former pirate Brandon Pinto, who left the role after a dispute with management a year ago. “This is a sexy, rock-star pirate.”

The pirate actors said they were told they were no longer needed at about the same time that additional fairies were added to the park’s cast, presumably to promote Disney’s new movie “Tinkerbell.”

Disneyland officials confirmed that the pirate was indeed fired (due to declining relevance and diminishing visitor requests), but flatly denied published reports that the dismissal had anything to do with female fans flashing their breasts at the swashbuckling actors who portray Jack Sparrow at the Anaheim theme park.

Disneyland spokeswoman Suzi Brown called the breast-flashing rumors “absolutely false” and “simply not true.”

The animatronic characters on the Pirates of the Caribbean water-wide will remain, according to Disneyland officials.

The fired Jack Sparrow actors greeted visitors and posed for photos on Tom Sawyer Island and occasionally wandered around New Orleans Square near the POTC ride. Disneyland promises the bad boy buccaneer, made famous by Johhny Depp in the trilogy of movies, will eventually return — “some day.”


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