Green cleaning at Disney

Homemaker-turned-activist Lois Gibbs, who brought the Love Canal toxic waste scandal to light in the 1970s, is challenging Walt Disney World to switch to "green" cleaning products and procedures. Gibbs' national Center for Health, Environment & Justice is urging Disney today to set standards for the tourism and hospitality industries by getting rid of toxic and non-biodegradable cleaning products.

Disney says it already uses many "green" cleaners, is always trying to improve its procedures, and does not believe any of its products are hazards.

The center and another group, the Florida Alliance for Healthy Indoor Environments, acknowledged some of Disney's efforts, particularly at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and challenged Disney to follow the same practices throughout the resort, at its parks, restaurants and its 32 hotels and resorts.

According to the center, Disney still is using numerous cleaning products that have health and environmental risks, including an air freshener that contains acetone and a floor cleaner that contains glycol ethers, which both have been linked to numerous health problems.

Disney insists all its cleaners are reviewed by its environmental affairs staff and meet all local, state and national health, safety and environmental regulations.



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