Healthier Disney ends toy deal with McDonalds

Disney has ditched its tie-in with McDonalds, leaving the fast food chain to look elsewhere for those pester-power Happy Meal toys.

Recent promotions that have given kids an extra reason to head to McDonalds include a giveaway to tie in with Pixar's animated film Cars.

Disney is also planning to ditch burgers for salads in all of its theme parks.

Kids meals at the parks will have to abide by new guidelines, with no more than 10 per cent of calories in a total meal coming from sugar and no more than 30 per cent from fat.

Disney also pledged to eliminate artery-clogging trans fats from both the food served at its theme parks and in its licensed and promotional products.

Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger said: "The Disney brand and characters are in a unique position to market food that kids will want and parents will feel good about giving them."

The company said most of its licensed products and promotional tie-ins will meet the new guidelines by the end of 2008.


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