Local Hotels Upset Over Disney’s Decision To Yank Brochures

There's now a glaring hole on hotel lobby racks filled with tourist brochures.Disney has decided to pull its glossy fliers from hotels, restaurants and businesses throughout the state, WESH 2 News reported.Disney officials said they do not think it pays to advertise the popular tourist attraction on brochure racks, but it's a marketing move that's angering some people.

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Bob Davis, the president of Volusia County's Hotel-Motel Association, is upset over Disney's decision to do away with the brochures.He said he feels it's a slap in the face and very inconvenient for the county's annual 8 million visitors looking for information to take a day trip to the park."We'll send them over to the brochure rack with every other attraction except Disney. That's where we'll send them. It's Disney's call," Davis said.Disney said the brochures cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to print and distribute and in this day and age of the information superhighway, brochures just aren't worth it."What we're hearing from our guests is that our guests are getting their information on the Internet and planning their vacation prior to their arrival so that's why the brochures aren't as effective as they once were," said Disney spokeswoman Jacquee Polak.As of Sept. 30, Disney demanded that all hotels, except for those in the immediate area around the parks, to pull the brochures from displays and to destroy them so that the information doesn't become outdated.Motels such as the Golden Link offer high-speed Internet access, so owner Ron Matay said he isn't too worried about guests finding their way to Disney."They're probably right as far as here in Central Florida goes. That same brochure in a rack might do better somewhere like New York or somewhere like that where people aren't sure and they'll take a bunch of things home," Matay said.Still, tourism promoters said they hope Disney will change its mind and start marketing Mickey in their businesses once again.Davis said he will write to Disney executives in California to voice his concerns.Disney officials said the brochures will still be available at welcome centers and Turnpike plazas around the state.


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