New Disney logo for Movies Anywhere app has Aussies baffled

DISNEY’S new logo for its ‘Movies Anywhere’ app has raised eyebrows with its striking similarities to another Australian logo.

The app’s logo looks very similar to the logo the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has had for years.

Presumably, the logo was chosen for its ability to spell out ‘Movies Anywhere’ with an ‘M’ and an ‘A’ interwoven together.

Many social media users have picked up on the distinct, similar look and questioned if Disney had Googled the logo before they chose it.

Comedian Wil Anderson was quick to tweet his reaction to the new logo, saying: “What a brilliant logo. No need to Google if anyone else has done similar. I am sure they haven’t. Lock it in.”

Others also reacted on Twitter, asking the ABC for their response to it.

I wonder where I’ve seen that logo before… any thoughts @ABCTV ?

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The logo has also sparked a conversation on Reddit where many have commented that it is “too close” to the Australian ABC version.

One Reditt user wrote: “You can see what they were trying to do, the M and the A — however I’ve yet to find anyone that bothers with Ultraviolet or this — too hamstrung with limitations.”

Another user was a little bit more blunt, saying: “God that’s a sh** logo”, while others speculated over whether the ABC would ever sue Disney.

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