Our Trip to Disneyland 2005

Well, we finally arrived at Disneyland (DL) on Monday 07/06/05 pm. We watched fireworks from The Carousel Inn that night which was absolutely fabulous.

From where we had breakfast each morning you could noticably see the changes (as it has been 10 years since we have been to DL). The carpark is no longer as this is now Californian Adventure (CA). We started DL on Tuesday morning and decided to alternate our days at each park, ie; DL and then CA.
Security checks are the first thing you notice that has changed, you are allowed to take food and drink in (even though it says on pamphlet they prefer you not to do this).
We took plenty of snacks and bottles of water with large openings in the top so ice could fit through and refill at water fountains throughout the park.
Cast members we feel seem to have changed since our previous visits, they just don't feel as homely to a certain degree or are trying to see more people etc.
Characters decide to move around after you have waited patiently in line for quite some time and so you have to line up again!
The fast pass system is certainly the best way to go for the favourite rides, even if you have a small child like we have a 4 year old and is not allowed on large and fast rides and wouldn't go on them either even if he was allowed, we got a fast pass with his ticket so that our older son who is 12 years old could go on the ride twice! if he wished to.
We saw as many characters throughout our day and as long as there wasn't a huge line up got our autographs pretty easy.
We tackled DL by doing one or two lands per day and did same at CA until all lands were completed, then we concentrated on the rides and lands that both children liked the most.
Best time to do longer waiting lines is during the parade times.
Choose Fantasy Land to do first thing in the morning as by lunch these cues have up to 1.5 hours wait and no fast passes. Peter Pan was the most popular ride with Dumbo coming in a close behind.
Buzz Lightyear is new in Tommorow Land and our 4 year old son Ryleigh loved this ride. You can email your own picture back home or to friends/family etc.
To get a high score hit targets when they are already lit up and hit secret targets in tunnel also.
Food is very expensive inside DL and CA – cheaper to eat outside park. We went back to Motel most times for lunch and tea or ate at McDonalds and other restaurants outside the park. For example we paid $22 US for McDonalds where as inside CA we would have paid $36 US and the size of the fries inside the park are only Medium where as outside the park they are extra large.
For older and younger children take a change of clothes ie; bathers and towel and even thongs if you have them or sandles as they have beautiful water play areas where they can have a great time playing in various themes particularly at CA land and they get saturated.

Also do the above if you go to Seaworld in San Diego and Universal Studios in Los Angeles as they have to wear clothes and shoes at all times.
PS: Take 2x each $2.00 cheap rain jackets to SeaWorld if you go on the water raft ride as you could get soaked!, PS.. Also lift your feet if you can as your feet will also get soaked!
If you like Thunder Mountain Railroad make sure that you do not miss going on California Screaming Roller Coaster as this ride is so much more smoother even though it may be faster you feel more secure in the seat on this ride. We were so close not to go on California Screaming because it looked too scary but we're so glad we did because our 12 year old son Mitchell went on it 10 times and each of us adults went on it 3 times each.
Also if you get sick and tired of taking your fanny pack or bum bag off for security to check it place it down the front of your pants or shorts or whatever it will look like your fat and they won't even ask. I think this is a breach of our own privacy because it is just like our own wallets except that it is much larger to carry all our personal and private information in!
Make sure you got to all 3D rides at CA land as these are excellent.
The Best place to watch the fire works is the bench on the right hand side of the garden where Walt and Mickey's statue is and this bench is facing the castle and Matterhorn mountain. We secured our seat for the afternoon parade and kept it until the fireworks that evening and kids and mum and dad took turns in holding bench. We saw fireworks from numerous places throughout the park and outside eg; at motels etc but best part is right in front where you can sit down and relax and watch and listen to narration as well. Absolutely brilliant! We could watch them over and over again!
Fantasmic is also excellent but you will need to start to save your seat if you want front row from about 2.00pm if it is a Saturday as we did.
Another thing we have noticed also is fresh fruit carts, where you can purchase bananas apples etc and selection of seasonal fruits but these are much more expensive than taking your own into the park.
No matter what time of the day you arrive to either park there is always a large line waiting to go through the turnstiles.
We found that CA land was not as busy as DL and was able to get on most rides without any waiting or only a small wait, longest for Roller coaster was 40 mins but we had fast passes so this cut it down to about 20mins.
We also stayed 4 nights at Disneyland Hotel, which was also great as they had excellent pool area with 2x water slides for children but for the cost of staying at the Carousel Inn where we got breakfast included each day in the price was much more reasonable.
We also ate at Goofy's Kitchen which was also expensive $101.00 US dollars about $130 AUS. This was a one and only time treat as kids are getting older, we had a full buffet evening meal, absolutely heaps to choose from, characters come and see you at your table which is wonderful, Goofy plays with the kids, pots and pans in his kitchen and the Macerana song.
Overall we had a 14 day pass and were at DL & CA for 11 of those days which was I feel enough time to do everything as previously we only had a 5 day pass 10 years ago but now with CA land you definitely need more time especially to rest and relax and take in some of the wonders of both parks.
We especially enjoyed CA land as it was all so new and rides were very good, some of the best we have ever been on. Enjoy, make sure you also wear hats and plenty of sunscreen as the sun is quite hot!

Dean and Angela Devlin

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