Santa Look-a-Like Gets In Trouble At Disney

A strange case of mistaken identity has left a Florida man shaking his head after the man, who resembles Santa Claus, got into a bit of trouble at the happiest place on earth, Walt Disney World.

The whole mess began when a group of excited children created a scene at Disney World after they confused 60-year old J.D. Worley with St. Nick himself.

The rotund-white bearded man graciously played along with the dreamy eyed kids, and that he says, sparked problems with the Orlando theme park management.

Someone apparently complained that a man in a red shirt and blue jeans was pretending to be Santa Claus and managers asked him to stop.

Disney states it’s not because he looks like Santa but because Worley said he was Santa to the children who asked him.

Worley claims Disney officials asked him to alter his appearance so he took off his red hat. However, Worley said he can’t help looking like the Santa. “I look this way 24/7, 365 days a year,” he explained. “This is me.”

Disney managers say they didn’t ban Worley from the park, but simply asked him to stop saying he was Santa.

Worley still loves Disney and Christmas but says he left the happiest place on earth, a little sad.

A Disney spokesman says the park was just trying to protect the magic of Santa.


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