Surprise Sneak Peek at Disney’s ‘Tron 22

Just after Disney’s Race to Witch Mountain barely attended panel ended, we few here left in Hall H at the San Diego Comic-Con were given a super surprise sneak peak at Disney’s Tron 2! When it was introduced, we were told that we won’t be able to see any more footage from this movie for another year or so.

I’m telling you, the five of us left here in the audience were screaming with delight to see one Jeff Bridges in the footage!!!

This film had initially been announced years ago as a remake of Disney’s 1982 scifi film, which starred Bridges as about a computer programmer who gets sucked into the world of a computer gaming program. Now, the film is being billed as Tron 2, implying that it’s actually a sequel.


The new footage was a Light Cycle sequence, showing two computer-simulated riders racing through the neon light trails, one in blue, the other in yellow. At the end of the race, one opponents says, “You win, ok? This is just a game.” The other, more sinister-looking rider — who looked like Sark, the villain from the original — says, “Not anymore.” While all of this is happening, we see Bridges as his original character Kevin Flynn/Clu watching over the race.

The characters are all animated, except for their faces, which look like real images imposed inside the heads of the digital bodies. I know, I’m not explaining this so wonderfully, but if we’re talking Disney, think of the heads at the Haunted Mansion ride, how they’re animated projections. That’s the best comparison I can think of right now.

Either way, it looks great!


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