Walt Disney named top ‘art hero’

American animator Walt Disney is the most respected artist among 18-25 year olds, beating the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, a survey suggests.

Comedian Peter Kay took second place in the poll, which asked young people to name the artists who most inspired them in film, music, dance, TV and art.

Jane Austen was the only author in the top 10, which also included Will Smith, Bob Dylan and guerilla artist Banksy.

The poll was commissioned by the Arts Award, a new qualification for artists.

TOP 5 ART HEROES (18-25)
1 Walt Disney
2 Peter Kay
3 Banksy
4 Leonardo da Vinci
5 Bob Marley
Source: Arts Award

One thousand 11-25 year olds have now achieved the accreditation, which recognises young people's development through the arts.

Culture Minister David Lammy will present the 1,000th award to Sophie Skyring, who has achieved a silver award in writing and performance work, on Monday.

Although the young people's poll threw up a few surprises, the overall survey painted a more traditional picture of the arts.

Amongst all age groups, Leonardo Da Vinci was named the most influential artist, with Bob Dylan in second place and Andy Warhol third.
TOP 5 ART HEROES (All ages)
1 Leonardo da Vinci
2 Bob Dylan
3 Andy Warhol
4 Walt Disney
5 Peter Kay
Source: Arts Award

Spanish painter Pablo Picasso also made it into the overall top 10, having been ignored by 18-25 year olds.

More than 6,000 people were questioned for the survey.

"The results show that young people are inspired by a range of artists who they feel are relevant to their lives today," said Diana Walton, head of the Arts Award.

The Arts Award is administered by Trinity College, London, working in partnership with the Arts Council England.

It is supported by celebrities including actor Richard E Grant, artist Sam Taylor-Wood and TV presenter Graham Norton.

Norton said: "In today's society where young people are often stereotyped as aggressive and anti-social, the Arts Award is a great way to see so many of them are channelling their creative energy in a positive way."

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