Incredibles 2 Trailer Released by Disney-Pixar: Oh, Baby!

Incredibles 2 Trailer


Oh baby! The first Incredibles 2 trailer is here!

Disney-Pixar finally dropped a teaser trailer for the sequel to the 2004 animated film on Saturday morning, thirteen years after the original movie hit theaters. The footage shows baby Jack-Jack demonstrating his new superpowers; he can move through walls and also shoots green lasers out of his eyes.

“You have powers!” his dad, Bob Parr, aka Mr. Incredible, says as he picks the infant up. “Yeah, baby!”

Incredibles 2 is scheduled to hit theaters in June 2018, one year earlier than originally planned. Last October, Disney announced that the Incredibles 2 release date had been moved up from June 2019 to June 15, 2018.

“Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) is left to care for Jack-Jack while Helen (Elastigirl) is out saving the world,” a synopsis for the animated film reads on IMDB.


Incredibles 2 Trailer, GIF


Incredibles 2 Trailer, GIF


Samuel L. Jackson has returned to voice Lucius Best/Frozone, Holly Hunter is back to voice Helen Parr/Elastigirl and Craig T. Nelson has returned to voice Mr. Incredible once again.

Director Brad Bird also returned for the sequel and wrote the movie as well.

Take a look at the video above to see the first preview of the upcoming movie!

The movie is set for release on June 15, 2018.


You Can Now See Star Wars Land From Inside One Of Disney’s Rides

Star Tours at Disney World.
MCT/Getty Images

Can’t wait to experience Star Wars in real life at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios? You may want to buy that park ticket sooner than later.

With the upcoming release of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” on December 15, Disney has added a new scene to its motion simulator attraction Star Tours — The Adventures Continue that is stripped from the soon-to-be-revealed movie plot line — but it’s what comes after that may surprise you more.

The new Star Tours ride segment sees the Starspeeder 1000 vehicle careening through caverns and canyons of Crait, a mineral planet which will appear in the forthcoming movie. Crait’s blood-red soil and imminent warfare are riveting, but the unexpected look at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new themed land arriving to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland in 2019, makes the updated Star Tours an even better ride.

The “planet” Disney Parks’ Star Wars Land is located on — the name, Batuu, was also just revealed — appears at the very end of the new Crait sequence. The ride vehicle lands amidst droids and creatures in the center of the immersive environment, providing the first-ever up-close look at what the hotly anticipated park expansion will look like.

In addition to this early appearance of the forthcoming land, which will include a marketplace, cantina bar, themed restaurant and attractions allowing guests to pilot the Millennium Falcon, the refreshed Star Tours attraction sees visits from new characters as well.

The Last Jedi updates comes with appearances by Maz Kanata and resistance pilot Poe Dameron in interstitial segments of the ride, joining characters like BB-8, Yoda and Princess Leia Organa who appear within Star Tours in randomized sequences.

These refreshed scenes, which will continue to be added with each new trilogy movie, are just some of the many new Star Wars experiences coming to both coasts prior to 2019 opening of Galaxy’s Edge. Next month, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will host Star Wars Galactic Nights, an after-hours event with panels, exclusive photo opportunities, character meet-and-greets, themed food, and a one-night-only projection show.


There Are More Than 200 Holiday Treats Coming to Disney Parks This Season — Here’s What You’re Going to Have to Try

Disney World Disneyland Resort Anaheim California Holiday Food Treats Dining
Courtesy of Disney

Prepare your appetite for the world’s most delicious advent calendar, because there are hundreds of festive flavors descending upon Disney’s parks on both coasts.

Disneyland and Walt Disney World resort have added 200 festive foods to ring in the holiday season, and with favorites like praline cheesecake, spiced-rum punch, sticky toffee pudding, white chocolate hot cocoa, and pumpkin spice bread pudding among them, you’ll need a holiday miracle to make it through them all.


There are plenty of snowman-shaped and Santa hat-topped marshmallow pops, cookies, cupcakes and crispy treats on offer at Disney parks as usual, but this year, they’ve gone above and beyond. Disneyland, which is known for its limited-run, handmade candy canes, has added the quintessential Christmastime sweet into other famed park snacks this winter. Mint Julep Bar’s beloved beignets now come candy cane-dusted, while red churros served at Disney California Adventure’s Cozy Cone Motel are coated in the striped sweet.

Disney World Disneyland Resort Anaheim California Holiday Food Treats Dining
Mint Julep Bar’s beloved beignets now come candy cane-dusted.
Courtesy of Disney

Fans of the park’s candy apples — which in November are Rocky Road-flavored and speckled with marshmallows — will enjoy the candy apple-flavored cotton candy sold throughout both Anaheim parks as well.

Make sure to get your mitts on Disney California Adventure’s new ice cream sandwich, too, which features red macaron cookies shaped like Santa’s mittens “holding” a scoop of mint chip, or hold out for the wackiest wintertime offering: gingerbread funnel cake fries served with whipped cream and candy crumbles at Award Wieners.

Disney World Disneyland Resort Anaheim California Holiday Food Treats Dining
Gingerbread funnel cake fries served with whipped cream and candy crumbles.
Courtesy of Disney

Over at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom is baking Mickey-shaped cinnamon rolls coated in red and green icing along with other tasty treats including peppermint mousse-filled cupcakes. Hungry guests at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party can even snack on exclusive items including a duo of white and dark chocolate yule logs, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” cake pops and the ticketed event’s brand new red velvet waffles, which offer a chocolatey dessert twist on the popular breakfast bite.


With the new Sunset Seasons Greetings nighttime projection show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios featuring characters from “Toy Story,” “Frozen,” and “The Muppets” atop Tower of Terror comes a line-up of special treats including stollen bites, apple cranberry cobbler and a red velvet whoopie pie shaped like a Christmas tree, complete with an icing “garland” and candied “ornaments.”

And, if that wasn’t enough, there are not one but two seasonal food festivals happening on each coast. Visitors can taste wintertime favorites from around the world when Epcot International Festival of the Holidays begins November 19, including Three Kings Bread from the Caribbean, Panettone alla Milanese from Italy and fried Buñuelo Navideño pastry from Mexico. Taste foreign fare from countries like China and Canada — or eat as though you’re browsing Europe’s famed Christmas markets with sauerbraten and spätzle in Germany and Austrian Sachertorte from the festival’s Cookie Nook holiday kitchen.


An explosion of seasonal eats has also arrived at Disney California Adventure. The Anaheim park’s Festival of Holidays celebrates Christmas, Diwali, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and ¡Viva Navidad! with comfort food like beef brisket and chicken mole alongside not-so-standard fare including chicken liver paté with cherry jam and pistachios, cookie butter and jelly cheesecake and horchata fudge.

Disney World Disneyland Resort Anaheim California Holiday Food Treats Dining
Gingerbread men.
Courtesy of Disney

There are plenty of savory foods at both festivals — think beef short rib with mashed potatoes and roast turkey sliders with cranberry sauce on the West Coast and seared pork tenderloin in the East — but some in-park restaurants at Disneyland Resort are serving up seasonal feels as well, with Pacific Wharf Café’s turkey pot pie soup and bacon meatloaf at Flo’s V8 Café.

Still have room? Disney Parks have unleashed every kind of fun festive drink imaginable, from egg nog lattes at Disneyland Resort hotels to peppermint affogato at Carthay Circle Restaurant an alcoholic hot chocolate flight at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Hit the dual food festivals for hot buttered rum, sparkling cranberry wine, bourbon cider or holiday sherbert punch, or pop by Schmoozies at Disney California Adventure for a pumpkin pie smoothie.

With this many candy cane-flavored, sugar-dusted, gingerbread-type treats, you won’t go wrong with any of them.


Disney’s New Pixar Movie ‘Coco’ Already Set a Box Office Record

Walt Disney’s latest animated Pixar movie has already made box office history in one country.

Coco, a movie set in Mexico during the country’s Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) holiday and featuring several Mexican voice actors, has performed extremely well in Mexico since its release in the region on October 27. While Coco‘s success in Mexico is not at all unexpected, the movie has already set a box office record by pulling in $43 million after less than a month in theaters, according to Variety.

On Wednesday, Coco passed another Disney film, 2012’s The Avengers, to take the crown as the country’s highest-grossing movie ever.

The movie does not open in the U.S. until November 22, but it should also perform well here, and in the rest of the world, based on the warm critical reception its received, so far. Coco currently has a 96% rating on movie reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. The last Pixar movie that topped 90% on Rotten Tomatoes was 2016’s Finding Dory, which went on to gross over $1 billion worldwide.


Coco follows a young boy, Miguel, who loves music and journeys to the Land of the Dead, where he learns about his family’s history and the traditions around Día de los Muertos. The movie offers no shortage of lively musical numbers featuring the voices of actors such as Anthony Gonzalez (as Miguel), Gael García Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, and Ana Ofelia Murguía.


Disney employees laid off amid restructuring at parks and resorts

More than 145 Disney employees were notified today they are being laid off amid restructuring at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, the company said.

Disney said the restructuring involved more than 0.1 percent of the division, meaning more than 145 people are losing their jobs. The cuts were made to the human resources, finance, marketing and sales and operations departments for the global division of more than 145,000 employees at 12 theme parks and 52 resorts in North America, Europe and Asia. Notices were not seen on a state website where large-scale layoffs must be posted in Florida.

The employees let go did not have primary duties dealing directly with customers, so Disney said it did not expect visitors to experience any changes visiting the theme parks or hotels. The company said it’s preparing for future growth and priorities but declined to offer more details.

Disney is helping employees who lost their jobs find other work internally or find work outside the company.

The layoffs come after Disney released its fourth quarter earnings last week that showed the theme park division’s revenue grew while the rest of the company saw declining revenue and operating income in media networks, consumer products and studio entertainment divisions.

The L.A. Times reported last week Walt Disney Co.’s ESPN, under financial pressure, plans to lay off 100 more employees this year.

The company’s leaders had praised the popularity of new rides at Walt Disney World and Disneyland as well as strong performances at the Shanghai and Paris theme parks for spurring growth despite Disney World Resort shutting down for two days in September because of Hurricane Irma.

The division’s revenues rose by 6 percent, to $4.7 billion, at Disney Parks and Resorts, while operating income jumped 7 percent to $746 million.

Last month, SeaWorld announced it was also laying off employees.

The company eliminated 350 positions at its corporate headquarters and the parks in Orlando and San Diego to free up more money to reinvest in new attractions and for a new advertising campaign.


Disney Is Making A Prince Charming Movie, But With A Big Twist

Prince Charming in Cinderella

Although Disney has expanded its media empire through acquisitions like Marvel and Star Wars, the company still loves to dish out cinematic fairy tale adaptations to the masses like it’s been doing for nearly a century. In recent years Disney has been taking many of its animated classics and turning them into live action adaptations, and while some of these movies are relatively faithful to the original, like Beauty and the Beast, others have taken more creative liberties, like Maleficent. We can now add another movie into the latter category, as it was reported today that Disney is dusting off its live action Prince Charming movie, only it won’t be centered on the attractive protagonist who’s popped up in several of the Mouse House’s movies.

Disney has hired Wonder director/writer Stephen Chbosky to pen the Prince Charming movie, and it’s possible he may sit in the director’s chair for this project, too. Two years ago, Matt Fogel was hired to write the initial script for this project, which was said to be a revisionist take on the Prince Charming fairy tale concept. According to THR, the movie will follow the point of view of Prince Charming’s brother, who “never quite lived up to the family name.” David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman are attached as producers.

Along with helming and penning the upcoming Wonder, which stars Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay, Chbosky is well known for writing the 1999 novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which he later translated into a feature film starring Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller. Chbosky also wrote the recent Beauty and the Beast remake, which remains the highest-grossing movie of 2017 so far.

Within the Disney realm, the Prince Charming character has appeared in movies like Snow White and the Seven DwarvesCinderella and Sleeping Beauty among others. It’s unclear if this movie will be based on any of those previous versions (which could subsequently mean one of their princess significant others will also appear) or if it will be an original Prince Charming iteration, though considering that this story will be focused on his brother, it probably won’t make much of a difference either way.

While Disney‘s live action fairy tale remakes have been earnest and sincere, this Prince Charming movie sounds like it could work well as a comedy similar to 2007’s Enchanted, which also parodied Disney’s fairy tale tropes. Perhaps the other Charming will go on a journey to escape his brother’s shadow, and once he realizes that he’s not cut out to woo random well-dressed Disney women, he can finally find happiness elsewhere.


Should Disney And LucasFilm Be Worried About ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’?

Credit: EA

Maybe putting all of the Star Wars games into the EA basket was a mistake.

If I were an executive at Disney or a producer at LucasFilm involved in not just the making of the next Star Wars film, but in managing the sanctity of the Star Wars brand, I might be the slightest bit concerned over the latest headlines.

Specifically, I might be concerned over the massive backlash EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II is facing from fans upset over the game’s economy and progression systems. The controversy stems from the game’s system of loot boxes which players can purchase on top of the base game to earn special rewards.

Setting aside the question of whether or not said loot boxes are a form of gambling aimed at least in part at children—and I do believe they are—in this specific case, the game’s loot boxes also create unfair advantages for players who shell out extra cash.

If I were a Disney executive or a producer at LucasFilm, I might find this troubling. These are not things I’d want associated with such a precious IP as Star Wars.

We know that Disney/LucasFilm are sticklers when it comes to how these games are designed, both in terms of narrative and visuals. But what about the spirit of the game itself? What about how the game is monetized? Is gambling (or quasi-gambling) something Disney wants associated with Star WarsIs controversy over pay-to-win accusations something Disney wants associated with Star Wars just weeks ahead of the release of The Last Jedi?

Star Wars is a family brand. Its audience spans generations, from young kids just seeing the films for the first time to grandparents who were young adults when they first saw the original films. Likewise, a game like Star Wars: Battlefront II is aimed squarely at families, from gamers in grade school to gamers with full-time careers. After all, this is a shooter with no blood and gore, just like the movies it’s based off of. I happily let my kids play its predecessor which, for all its flaws, had no loot boxes and no scheme whereby paying extra gave certain players a leg up over others.

It strikes me as very odd that a game focused on families would be pay-to-win, one of the least sportsmanlike concepts in the history of gaming. As a parent, I want to teach my kids the value of teamwork, practice and fair play. How do we explain that in this game, you can also get ahead by spending more money? Honestly, how do we explain how this game works at all? Its labyrinthine progression system, multiple currencies, loot boxes, various ranks and so forth are all impossibly complex.

There should not be this much controversy surrounding the Star Wars brand in 2017. Indeed, I’m not sure there has been this much controversy since the unfortunate days of Jar Jar Binks who, it should be noted, is not a playable Hero in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Thank the midi-chlorians for that.

I suppose there’s a silver lining in all of this, after all.

P.S. This comes on the heels of EA’s closure of Visceral Games which was working on a major Star Wars game. That’s just more bad news surrounding the Star Wars IP as it struggles to become a force in video games.


Netgear Nighthawk and Orbi routers now offer Disney parental controls

Netgear now offers Disney parental controls for your home network through its Nighthawk and Orbi routers. Circle with Disney allows parents to control how long their children are online and filter which sites they can access. There’s no additional hardware needed as the feature is already installed on the routers, Netgear says.

The free version of the Circle app enables parents to set customized profiles to match interests and age, so content that’s suitable for say, a 15 year old, but not for a 10 year old will be filtered appropriately. Parents can also see a history of websites that have been visited, filter sites, turn on safe search filters for Google and Bing, enable an ad blocker, and pause internet access by device, user, or the entire home.

There’s also a premium tier for $4.99 per month, and that includes services like limiting daily internet time for each family member and scheduling bedtime and other “off times” so devices disconnect from the internet. Parents can also gift kids with rewards of additional time if they choose. The app allows users to tailor restrictions as much or as little as they want.

The premium tier also allows users with Amazon Alexa devices to ask the virtual assistant about usage, time limits, and bed times, and also allows integration with third-party apps including IFTTT. Parents can also add Circle Go onto their children’s devices to extend all of these features and manage usage when they’re outside the house.

“We have seen that the sooner parents are able to set some limits and reward online behaviors, the better it is for the family,” said Lance Charlish, chief executive officer of Circle Media Labs in a statement.

Netgear says Circle with Disney is currently available on select Nighthawk routers and will be rolled out for existing Orbi Wi-Fi systems through a firmware update. The company also states that they’re planning to add Circle with Disney to more products. The Circle app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


This Is the Hottest Souvenir at Disney Parks This Christmas

Disney Hollywood Studios

Disney Parks are known for their over-the-top Christmas celebrations, but this year it’s not the sky-high trees or snow on Sunset Boulevard that has everyone talking.

It’s the reusable plastic popcorn bucket.


Modeled after Disney’s beloved bloodhound Pluto, this specialty popcorn bucket comes filled with both a handy snack and the Christmas spirit. At just $13.50, the delightful keepsake has already become the hottest item of seasonal merchandise at Walt Disney World, making a perfect holiday present for any Disney superfan.

Pluto Bucket Popcorn

First spotted by Disney Food Blog at Disney’s Hollywood Studios last week, the wintertime popcorn bucket depicts Mickey’s much-adored pup decked in an ugly Christmas sweater and delightfully sweet doggy Santa hat. The food opening isn’t on top, but through the back, keeping its design intact and sold with a handy carrying strap that includes small designs of dog bones printed throughout.

This yuletide souvenir comes hot on the heels of Disney’s massively successful Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket, which was introduced to parks on both coasts in celebration of Halloween. Featuring the pinnacle villain of Tim Burton’s cult classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” the Halloween best-seller caused crazy lines with movie fans clamouring to get one of their own.

If you’re wondering if that “Disney Parks” strap means it will be sold at both parks, you’re in luck. The new character-shaped bucket arrived at Disneyland Resort during the kickoff of their Festival of Holidays events, and the Anaheim park’s weekend crowds snapped up plenty of the souvenirs in stock.

If you want to give this holiday season an added dose of Disney magic, now’s the time. Oogie Boogie buckets sold out at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland over two weeks before Halloween, and resale prices skyrocketed on third-party websites like eBay quickly after word got out. Christmas may be six weeks away, but don’t wait that long to tuck this treat underneath your tree.


One of Disney World’s Most Popular Rides Inspired This Real Life Car


If you’ve been driving a Chevy Traverse and enjoying all the futuristic-seeming bells and whistles, don’t think that’s without good reason. The popular family car that seats up to eight people actually had the same design team as one of the most popular rides at Walt Disney World Resort’s Epcot Theme Park: Test Track. The theme park ride, which is also the fastest ride at Disney, reaches speeds of up to 65 miles per hour. For such a speed-themed attraction that is open to even young children, safety-enhancing features are some of the most important design elements. (If you’ve been living a Mickey-obsessed life, this is probably almost as good as the time you found out about the princess-themed wedding dress collectionthat featured Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.)


disney-rideTest Track’s popularity has remained a steady pull for theme park guests over the years, and when the attraction underwent a major renovation in 2012, the design teams at Disney and Chevrolet actually got together to swap ideas. The similarities between Test Track cars and the modern day Traverse don’t seem to stop at seat belts and safety features, though.

carThe ride, which is an open-air race car simulation experience, allows riders of most ages to actually customize their driving experience before heading onto the track, much like the dealership experience. Instead of standing idly by waiting in notorious park lines, guests are encouraged to pick their car’s engine style and even design elements like color, shape, and more scientific details like the degree of aerodynamic success their car will achieve. Fans have quickly grown obsessed with some of the features the Disney cars have already considered standard for years like a feature Chevy pioneered called Teen Driver Technology.


“The GM Test Track ride has all these controls and features to make sure you’re safe while you’re riding,” explains Sue Wright, product marketing manager for Chevy Traverse. “We saw that parents loved one of the ride’s safety features, that the ride just doesn’t move till everyone is buckled up, and we translated that and a lot of other feature elements to the Traverse knowing that it would be a family vehicle teenagers would get to drive from time to time. Our Teen Driver feature comes standard, and if it’s enabled, the teen in the driver’s seat can’t even turn the music on before their seat is buckled, similar to features in the Test Track ride.”

While it’s not just seat belts that determine a teenager’s overall safety when driving, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, “Seat belt use is one of the most effective ways to save lives and reduce injuries in crashes.” They’ll probably still follow friends on the road or waste money by driving too fast, but at least parents will have peace of mind knowing they’re wearing seat belts, while even the youngest children will get a kick out of imagining their parents could be driving the same Disney cars Minnie is seen around the park in.


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