Disney Family.com Launches Social Networking Community for Parents

Disney Family.com ( www.family.com) today announced the launch of Disney Family.com Community ( www.family.com/community), a new social networking site for parents. The site provides a customizable online destination for moms and dads to connect with other parents through shared interests such as hobbies, age of child(ren), family setup, parenting tips, geographic location and more. The site also allows guests to interact with each other by posting comments, questions and images about parenting experiences and challenges they have in common, as well as posting reactions to content on Disney Family.com.

"Parents are increasingly sharing experiences, offering support and telling insightful stories about their families online through message boards and social networking," said Emily Smith, Vice President of the Disney Family Group. "Disney Family.com Community creates a new online forum that combines social networking and insightful content to bring moms and dads together to make important connections while having fun."
— Create A Profile Guests create a profile by customizing a family avatar, choosing the expression, body type, hair, outfits and props. They can further personalize their profiles by choosing a background, customizing their profile layout, writing something unique about themselves or their family and by posting family photos to their profile page.
— Find Other Moms and Dads Parents can find other moms and dads with similar interests by searching their "stickers," or symbols depicting their hobbies. Some of the many stickers on the site include: crafts & hobbies, travel, toddlers, environment and specific holidays. Parents can also search for other parents by their geographical location, age of child(ren) or work status (stay-at-home, work part-time, student, etc.).
— Join Groups Guests can join groups of parents with similar interests or use Disney Family.com Community as a trusted online meeting place for private groups. Cooking gurus can become part of the "Recipe Swap" group, those planning a birthday party can join the "Birthday Party Ideas" group or a local PTA can create a private group to post announcements, photos from events and more. New groups can also be started by Family.com community members at any time.
— Profile Stickers Parents can further customize their profiles by choosing stickers that best describe who they are and then sharing their stickers with other users. There are currently hundreds of stickers readily available on Disney Family.com Community, and parents can also create custom stickers that represent a specific interest or hobby.
— Share-It Widgets Widgets can be added to a profile to keep up-to-date on the latest information on a specific topic. Guests have the ability to view updated widgets daily. Sample widget categories include: "Kid Sayings," "Family Photo Journalism," "What's for Dinner?" and "Shiny, Sparkling Homes."

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