Disney to Plant 500,000-Plus Trees in Honor of ‘Earth’

Disneynature’s first film, ‘Earth,’ is set to hit theaters this Wednesday April 22 — Earth Day — and Disney is planting a tree for everyone who goes to see the film opening weekend.

Due to advance tickets sales, the company has already committed to planting 500,000 trees.

“With half a million new trees committed so far, Disneynature’s first film is already making an impact on the world — and ‘Earth’ hasn’t even opened yet,” Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Group president Mark Zoradi tells ET. “We’re so pleased that moviegoers have embraced this film and our tree-planting initiative to this degree and we expect the numbers to keep climbing.”

The company plans to plant the trees in “critical areas of biodiversity,” including Brazil’s Atlantic rain forest, which, according to Disney, is one of the most endangered in the world.

‘Earth,’ which is narrated by James Earl Jones, follows three animal families as they venture through the world. The film is directed by the team who brought the “Planet Earth” series to the small screen.


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