Disney’s Meet the Robinsons Video Games Unveiled

The dastardly Bowler Hat Guy and his robotic hat Doris are weaving through time, changing the past and warping the future. It's up to Wilbur Robinson to outmaneuver the diabolical duo in Walt Disney Pictures Presents Meet the Robinsons video games. Offering a captivating, time-traveling adventure inspired by the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures animated film, Meet the Robinsons is now available for the Wii from Nintendo, Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, Nintendo DS, Nintendo GameCube, Windows PC and Game Boy Advance.

Meet the Robinsons illustrates Disney Interactive Studios' commitment to extending the entertainment of Disney films. The games' unique story line expands the movie's plot by exploring the alternative futures of several characters that are affected by the Bowler Hat Guy. This original story line led to the creation of two new villains exclusive to the video games and created in cooperation between developer Avalanche Software and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

The game's levels represent entirely new worlds like Ancient Egypt and gadgets such as the Protectosphere, along with popular film sets such as the Science Fair. Players utilize Wilbur's gadgets in clever and entertaining ways to unravel puzzles and complete missions. In addition to discovering hidden upgrades and exploring fantastical locales, players interact with hysterical and distinct characters from the film as they adventure through stunning, interactive environments that expand the movie universe.

Each console version showcases the platform's unique capabilities. On the Xbox 360, players can post scores and view achievements on Xbox LIVE. With the Wii, players can enable features like aiming the Wii Remote to fire gadgets and using the Nunchuk's motion sensor to target objects.

The handheld versions of Meet the Robinsons feature unique gameplay and story experiences. On the Nintendo DS, players take advantage of the system's touch screen capabilities to aid Wilbur in his quest to retrieve Cornelius Robinson's stolen time-machine, and participate in single or wireless multiplayer touch-based matches of the Charge Ball mini-game. On the Game Boy Advance, players will venture from the present to the future in an effort to free the Robinson family from the clutches of Little Doris and her villainous minions.


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