Down Under Disneyana club meeting 7 November 2015

Down Under Disneyana club meeting 7 November 2015

The night started with Wayne welcoming every one to the night – especially our new members. He also plugged our website and was encouraging people to sign onto the forum and get active here! (Come on lurkers!! :) )

He then went straight into the True/False trivia session as an ice breaker. It came down to Brad and Jess in the end, with Jess winning (congraatulations Jess!)

Next up was Disney news, including the Aladdin Broadway show coming to Sydney next year, as well as some updates on park construction including new photos of Shanghai, Pandora, and Hong Kong Disneyland (courtesy of a friend of Barry).

Wayne then went around the room asking people about their favourite characters so we all had a turn with that.

Next up, I spoke about our cruise to Alaska and Hawaii and showed a series of photos from the voyage. I also played a short video montage from our wedding.

After that, we did some group trivia with Wayne using an iPad app to ask the questions (that was pretty good too – does anyone remember the name of that trivia app?) There were also some true/false questions Wayne read out. In the end, our team won the chocolates (welcome to the list of winners Lauren!!)

After that, we watched some movie trailers, including Star Wars, The Good Dinosaur, Alice Through the Looking Glass and The Jungle Book.

We had a session on what have we found since last meeting. We discussed how Tsum Tsums were now available in Target.

Della showed us the fluffies she bought on our Honeymoon (all 31 of them…).

Finally we watched some video of the Osborne Family Lights in Disney Hollywood Studios as this is the last year of them prior to the commencement of Star Wars construction at that park.

That concluded the meeting before we had supper, lucky door prizes and the raffle. We finished around 10:45pm.

It has been a fun year of meetings – so a big thank you to everybody who came in 2015! See you all at the hall sometime early 2016 :D (but don’t forget end of year dinner on 5 December at Outback Jacks!)

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