Family Sues Disneyland After Dog Attack

The family of a little girl who got mauled by a dog in Disneyland, is now suing the company, citing permanent scarring as a result of several bites on her face.

The attack occurred at the Big Thunder petting zoo.  An employee had adopted the dog and brought it to the park, stuck in in a box, and invited kids to come and pet it. 

The little girl, Lena was petting the dog for a few minutes and as she was leaving, the dog lunged at her and attacked her.

"It is atrocious what Disney did, and the public needed to be warned," said Michael Bishay, an attorney representing the family. "You don't invite kids to pet stray dogs."

The Orange County Shelter that the dog came from said that the dog did have a history of aggressive behavior. 

The family is suing for punitive damages and for the cost medical expenses. 

Disney has not commented on the pending lawsuit, stating that they don't comment on pending litigation.


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