No sign of stalling for Cars film

The Pixar animation Cars has remained the number one film at North American cinemas for the second weekend.

The movie features the voices of Owen Wilson and Paul Newman and tells the tale of a talking vehicle by the name of Lightning McQueen.

It generated $31.2m (£16.9m), while another motoring-themed movie, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift entered at three, earning $24.1m (£13m).

It was beaten by Nacho Libre, with Jack Black playing a cook who also wrestles.

This made number two on the chart with takings of $27.5m (£14.8m).

Directed by John Lasseter, Cars will open in the UK on 28 July.

It is the seventh Disney-Pixar film and the first collaboration since Walt Disney acquired Pixar in January for $7.4bn (£4bn).

All of Pixar's other collaborations with the Disney studio have opened at the number one in North America.


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